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A Grassroots Effort to End forced Annexation Abuse in North Carolina

"We lay it down as a fundamental, that laws, to be just,
must give a reciprocation of right; that, without this, they are mere arbitrary rules of conduct, founded in force, and not in conscience."
--Thomas Jefferson


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Stop Cary

Medfield-Kingsbrooke Against Forced Annexation

Stop Woodfin

Berkshire Downs


Cumberland Co. Citizens United

Forsyth CAFA

Goldsboro GNU

Cabarrus B.L.O.C.K.

Oak Level Community Against Forced Annexation

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BLCAC - StopAsheville

Stop Fletcher

Stop Fuquay

New Hanover GNU

Chatham Co. United

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StopNCAnnexation was created in 2003 by a group of people leading a fight against being annexed into the Town of Cary NC. At the time, the many local community groups across the State were not connected or communicating with each other, yet all were experiencing the same challenges and fighting similar battles.  The leaders of the StopCary group saw a need to centralize the efforts of everyone across NC who opposed the practice of forced annexation locally and bring them together to fight to end forced annexation by working to change the State law once and for all.

 StopNCAnnexation was incorporated in April of 2004 as a 501(C)4 Nonprofit to help victims of forced annexation learn about the annexation process and connect with others across North Carolina who are also fighting forced annexation. The goal is to inform each group about each other, recognize the common enemy, quickly learn what the laws say about forced annexation, how to fight against annexation effectively, and work together to encourage our State lawmakers to change this law.

The StopNCAnnexation website was designed to be an internet resource of information about forced annexation, to connect citizens across the State of North Carolina, to share what others have done in their fight against annexation; their court challenges, fundraising, and experiences with the annexing municipalities, as well as a to provide a library of research and policy papers about municipal annexation that help to refute the arguments made in support of forced annexation.

In 2005, StopNCAnnexation originated the very first grassroots 'Rally in Raleigh' event to bring the voice of the citizens from across the State to the legislators in Raleigh. The Rally is held on the same day that the NC League of Municipalities sponsored 'Town Hall Day' event is held when the cities are lobbying to preserve forced annexation laws.
The StopNCAnnexation sponsored rallies have grown in their impact and success with each year they have been held.


StopNCAnnexation is EVERYONE across NC fighting forced annexation.

StopNCAnnexation is a volunteer effort started by the people of the Dutchman Downs community in Wake County in 2003. The idea came about after this neighborhood was told it would be annexed forcibly into Cary, NC. Forced annexations were occurring all over North Carolina causing communities to organize local opposition groups. These groups needed to connect with each other and combine efforts to change the State law once and for all as they fought their local battles with municipalities.
StopNCAnnexation and the website launched the effort to make that possible through the internet.

Catherine Heath, the current Director, resides in one of the targeted suburban neighborhoods and joined the StopNCAnnexation effort in 2003. She has designed and maintains the website, compiles research information for use in fighting forced annexation, tracks news reports about annexations, monitors the General Assembly and the League of Municipalities and alerts the grassroots supporters. She also communicates the wishes of supporters of StopNCAnnexation to State legislators regarding Bills to reform forced annexation and works with Policy Groups regarding the arguments against forced annexation.


Become a supporter and/or affiliate of StopNCAnnexation. Add your name and your voice to this established effort to change North Carolina annexation law. Your input is important and will help to make this effort a success. Sign up to get on the email list to stay informed about what is happening across NC and in the General Assembly.
By joining the effort to support this statewide community with your input, financial support, and commitment to action, together we can change North Carolina annexation laws to restore the unalienable rights of NC property owners and taxpayers to a voice in taxation and governance.

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SNCA MISSION AND Position Statement

Areas currently affected by Forced annexation:

Buncombe Co.

Brunswick Co.

Cabarrus Co.

Columbus Co.

Cumberland Co.

Hoke Co.

Johnston Co.

Mecklenburg Co.

Moore Co.


New Hanover

Polk Co.

Wake Co.

Wayne Co.

Wilson Co.